During the Turkish occupation, the house was owned by a family of a Turkish army officer, Ibrahim Mehmet Aga. He gave the house as a dowry to his very beautiful daughter, Fatma Hanoum. Fatma married Ahmet Bey, a rich land owner, who had fallen madly in love with her. However, Ahmet Bey was informed that his beloved wife was cheating on him with a prominent member of the Turkish-Cretan society. Unable to verify or disprove the story, Ahmet Bey decided to leave Chania and to flee with his wife to Istanbul.

The story of a great but wicked love: a beautiful married woman gives her heart to another man. Just before death Fatma said: "If I could choose a moment of my life and remain there until eternity, I just want one, the first kiss with the man that I loved more than anyone else in my life, in my house in Chania... ". They say that sometimes you can hear the sound of her tiny slippers, as she never wanted to leave the city where she has been seduced! If you try, you may witness her love ... The Thousand and One Nights, is not any imagination nor fiction, but a magnificent dream, surprising and true. Touch the dream and experience the magic of a faraway world, now revealed to you unconditionally. Feelings, emotions, poetry, colors and sounds, scents, balconies, romantic evenings and the sea everywhere create the magic of "the place of your dreams."

Just open the door to the past when entering the Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel. Welcome!
Skoufon 9, 73131, Chania, Crete, Greece • Tel : +30 28210 92800 Fax: +30 28210 92805, e-mail: info@fatmahotel.com
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